Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

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Breast augmentation with fat transfer

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is an increasingly popular procedure that enhances breast size by using fat taken from another area of the patient’s own body. Breast augmentation with fat transfer uses two popular procedures in one surgery: liposuction and fat grafting. And, patients enjoy the benefits of both! Unwanted fat is harvested from the patient’s “problem areas” via liposuction, sculpting more slender contours. The fat is then purified to isolate healthy, living fat cells, which are then injected into a patient’s breasts where they will graft to the existing fat. Breast augmentation with fat transfer is an excellent alternative to synthetic implants for women that want a subtle, natural-looking and feeling enhancement. This procedure can create shaplier, rounder breasts, and an increase of ½ to one full cup size. At Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery, Dr. Daniel Markmann helps patients attain the confidence and self-esteem they deserve to navigate their social, professional, and romantic lives with results they love. If you are ready to learn whether a breast augmentation with fat transfer is right for you, request a consultation today. You can reach our Ellicott City office by calling (410) 465-3600 or via this contact form.  

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Breast augmentation remains one of the top five most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries in the United States. Today’s synthetic breast implants are safer than ever and come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and projections. Nevertheless, there are still risks associated with implants. Women with synthetic implants face the possibility of capsular contracture, implant rupture, and BIA-ALCL. In addition, they must anticipate future surgery, as breast implants are not lifetime devices. For women who want to create a natural effect and avoid the potential complications that implants pose, a fat transfer is an excellent alternative. Fat transfers to the breasts were originally a reconstructive technique, but are now commonly performed during aesthetic procedures.(1) Along with facial fat transfers, which restore the volume lost during the aging process and the Brazilian Butt Lift for gluteal augmentation, fat transfers to the breasts are one of the most popular uses of this valuable tissue. 


Most of us don’t consider our body fat as potentially beneficial, especially when it’s in an area where we wish it wasn’t. But, using fat to augment the breasts has considerable advantages, one of the most obvious being the ability to diminish curves in one place, and accentuate them in another! Breast augmentation with fat transfer is customized to each patient. The areas where fat is harvested can be determined based on a patient’s desires and anatomy. And, the harvested fat can be strategically injected in order to sculpt an ideal set of breasts. For example, fat can be injected to add roundness, or to correct breast asymmetry. It can also be added to the inner curves of the breasts to increase cleavage!

Other advantages of breast augmentation with fat transfer include:

  • Reduced areas of unwanted fat
  • Long-lasting results
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Shorter recovery than from augmentation with implants
  • No incisions are made on the breasts
  • No implant-related risks
  • Natural look and feel


Good candidates for fat transfer breast augmentation are adults in good health. They have adequate donor fat elsewhere on their bodies, and understand what the procedure involves and can achieve. They are interested in a natural way to increase the volume of their breasts, can commit to the recovery guidelines, and understand that they can anticipate an increase of roughly one cup size at most. As with any surgery, patients should not be pregnant or nursing, and are nonsmokers or willing to stop using nicotine products in advance of their procedure and for the duration of their recovery. 

Personal Consultation

You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about this procedure and whether you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation with fat transfer when you meet with Dr. Markmann at your personal consultation. He’ll review your medical history, discuss your desired results, and examine potential donor areas and your breasts. Based on your individual anatomy and the results that you’d like to achieve, Dr. Markmann will give you his honest recommendation for the best approach. If you’d like to discuss your individual challenges and if breast transfer fat augmentation is right for you, contact Dr. Markmann at our Ellicott City office, at (410) 465-3600.


Breast augmentation using fat transfer is significantly less invasive than breast augmentation with implants. However, liposuction is still a surgical procedure, albeit minimally invasive, and proper preparation for the procedure will ensure optimal outcomes and a speedy recovery. there are still steps you can take beforehand to prevent complications and optimize your outcome. These steps include:

  • Get blood work to ensure that your hemoglobin, creatine, blood-clotting ability (INR), and electrolytes are at normal levels
  • Get an EKG (electrocardiogram) to ensure normal heart function (Patients over 50 years old)
  • Arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure
  • Avoid alcohol at least two weeks pre-operatively to minimize bruising and swelling
  • Fill prescriptions to ensure they are on hand immediately after your procedure
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications, vitamins, and supplements that interfere with the body’s blood clotting abilities (i.e. ibuprofen, Advil, St. John’s wort, green tea extract, ginkgo biloba)


The operation will be performed as an outpatient procedure and takes several hours. Prior to surgery, Dr. Markmann will mark the areas to where liposuction will be performed, and the areas on your breast that will be injected with the donor fat. Fat removal and grafting will be performed under general anesthesia, which will be administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. Once it takes effect, Dr. Markmann will begin the procedure. 

This double-procedure treatment is completed in three steps: (1)

Fat Harvesting

Dr. Markmann will remove fat from the predetermined donor sites. Common areas for liposuction include the abdomen, thighs, and flanks. Tiny incisions will be made to infiltrate the area with tumescent fluid, and allow the aspirating cannula entry into the unwanted fat deposit. Dr. Markmann will create smooth contours in the areas and remove sufficient fat to create the desired volume in the breasts. 

Purification and Processing

The harvested fat is then processed to remove unnecessary fluids, debris, and to isolate healthy fat cells for injection. The fat is then placed in syringes to be injected into the breasts. 

Fat Application

Depending on your aesthetic needs, fat will be injected into strategic areas of the fatty tissue in the breasts. Dr. Markmann will inject small amounts at varying depths. Since not all of the transferred fat cells will survive, Dr. Markmann will place a strategic amount of excess fat in the breasts to account for fat resorption. 


After the surgery, your breasts will be bandaged and you will be outfitted with a surgical bra. The areas that have been treated with liposuction will be dressed in compression garments to facilitate healing and ensure smooth contours. Your friend or family member can then drive you home, and remain with you for 24 hours as the official recovery phase begins, and as anesthesia wears off. During this time up to a few weeks after surgery, you will likely experience bruising and swelling on the breasts and around the areas of liposuction. 

  • Avoid strenuous physical activity such as heavy lifting, sports, and sexual activity during this time. 
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach for up to four weeks. 
  • Request one week off of work, or more for jobs involving more physically demanding tasks. 

Most of the discomfort and symptoms you experience will be from the liposuction. Swelling and bruising will subside within three months. Within six months, the curves you see are the curves you keep! Any fat that has not survived the transfer will have been reabsorbed by the body, and the remaining fat will have established itself in the breasts. You can enjoy long-lasting, natural volume, slender contours, and a boost of confidence! 

How Much Does a Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Cost in Baltimore?

The cost of a breast augmentation with fat transfer depends on the extent of the procedure, and varies slightly from patient to patient. You’ll receive an accurate estimate for the total cost of the surgery following your personal consultation with Dr. Markmann. Please contact us today for a consultation at our Ellicott City offices at (410) 465-3600 to determine if breast augmentation with fat transfer is right for you!


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