Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

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A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure aimed at addressing sagging breasts and restoring their youthful position and shape. Over time, life changes such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, and genetics can cause the breasts to lose their firmness and begin to sag. This can greatly impact a woman’s self-confidence and body image.

As an award-winning board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Markmann thoroughly understands that every woman’s goals are unique, which is why he takes a personalized approach to each breast lift procedure. During your consultation at Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery in Baltimore, he will carefully evaluate your breast anatomy, discuss your desired outcomes, and create a customized surgical plan tailored to your specific needs. 

Before and After Photos

In some cases, patients may choose to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation to enhance both the shape and size of their breasts. Dr. Markmann is highly skilled in performing combined procedures, ensuring natural-looking results that harmonize with your overall body proportions. Schedule your consultation today by calling (410) 465-3600 or fill out your inquiry through our contact form; a member of our team will get back to you shortly. 

Causes of Breast Sagging 

Many lifestyle factors and age contribute to the likelihood that a woman will experience breast sagging, or ptosis. Female breasts are made of fat, fibrous tissue, and ligaments as well as ducts and lobules for milk production. There is no muscle within the breasts themselves, so these tissues are prone to descent with gravity and loosen with weight fluctuations throughout life. As you enter middle age, your skin experiences a reduction in collagen, elastin, and other connective proteins that help to keep these tissues in place and in an elevated position. (1) Since a large percentage of the breast tissue is made up of fat, it easily protrudes downward as skin quality degrades.

Benefits of Mastopexy 

Mastopexies have grown increasingly popular- since the year 2000, researchers report a 70% increase in the number of these procedures performed in the United States. (2) There is no doubt that many women are attracted to the prospect of a breast lift due to a wide variety of benefits

  • It restores youthful perkiness to the breasts. 
  • It enhances the overall shape and firmness of the breasts. 
  • The results are natural-looking and can be customized to your unique body shape. 
  • It involves tightening and excision of lax skin. 
  • It can correct asymmetry and other forms of imbalance between the breasts. 
  • The size, shape, and position of the nipples are aesthetically enhanced. 
  • Scars fade significantly within a year; they can heal faster with the treatment of scar creams and/or silicone gel. 


You are a good candidate for mastopexy if:

  • You have lost a significant amount of weight.
  • Your nipples are positioned lower than they used to be.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding have changed the shape and position of your breasts.
  • Gravity and the volume of your breasts have slowly pulled your breasts downward.
  • The upper or lower portions of the breast sit noticeably lower than it used to. 
  • You would like your breasts to sit in a higher, more youthful position. 
  • You are in overall good health with no underlying conditions that affect your ability to recover. 
  • You are a non-smoker or willing to quit for a few weeks before and after your surgery.
  • You have an open and realistic outlook toward the results achievable with cosmetic surgery.

Personal Consultation

Dr. Markmann wants you to feel completely confident and comfortable before making any decisions at Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery. During your private consultation, he will share everything you want to know about breast lifts with you. He will examine your breasts and discuss the changes that you would like to make. Once he has assessed your health history and medication use, he will recommend a surgical technique that is most appropriate for your body. You will work together with him to finalize the steps of your customized breast lift surgery

If you are interested in adding both lift and volume to your breasts, Dr. Markmann will also go over breast augmentation and implant options with you during your consultation. If you would like to learn more about our other cosmetic procedures, please take a look at our blog. To get started today, contact his office in Baltimore, MD at (410) 465-3600 or inquire through our contact page. We look forward to helping you look and feel like your best self. 


Prior to your surgery, we will advise you to schedule a ride home with a friend or family member since the effects of general anesthesia will impair your ability to drive. We will also advise you to stop taking blood thinning supplements or medications to mitigate the risk of excessive bleeding and slow healing during recovery. If you are a smoker, you should aim to quit at least a month before your surgery so that your circulatory system is functioning optimally which will maximize your results, minimizing scarring and healing issues, leading to better long-term results. Finally, you should pick up all doctor-approved OTC medications and your prescriptions. 

Incision Types 

The details of your breast lift will vary based on the needs of your case. For example, the type of incision used to perform breast lift will depend on the size and amount of sagging in the breast, as well as on the type of improvement you would like to see:

Donut Incision 

A “donut” incision, or periareolar incision, is utilized in cases of mild laxity of the breast- it primarily serves as a means to move the location of the nipple. With this technique, Dr. Markmann makes the incision against the outer edge of the areola, so that any scarring is hidden by the darker skin. The nipple remains attached to the breast mound so that it has adequate blood supply during the lift. The nipple and areola are then moved up to their new position and sewn in place using stitches under the skin.

Lollipop Incision 

A lollipop incision is a periareolar incision with an added vertical incision that travels from the areola to the bottom crease of the breast. It can be used to correct any degree of ptosis. 

Anchor Incision 

An anchor incision, also known as an “inverted T”, is specifically designed for the correction of severe ptosis. It consists of a lollipop incision, except there is an additional incision that travels horizontally across the bottom crease of the breast- the inframammary fold. (3)

Breast lift surgery is performed using general anesthesia at an accredited surgery facility. On average, the procedure may last up to 3 hours. The details of your breast lift surgery will vary based on the needs of your case. If breast augmentation is performed, the implants will be placed beneath the chest muscle through the chosen lift incisions. 


Post-procedure bruising or swelling is normal and will diminish within ten days of the procedure. Swelling will continue to improve over the weeks following the breast lift. Scars are part of the process, but with extra care, the marks will heal and fade, and many patients feel they become secondary to a more beautiful breast appearance. 

The recovery will vary between patients depending on their bodies and the treatment provided. Regardless, patients will be encouraged to walk for 5-10 minutes every 2 hours beginning the day of surgery. Patients must avoid activities such as exercise or repetitive motions at the shoulder, carrying heavy objects, and any activity that puts pressure on the chest. Most patients can resume normal activities within a couple of weeks, but exercise should not be attempted for at least 3-6 weeks.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Fat Transfer 

A breast augmentation with fat transfer involves the use of liposuction to collect an adequate amount of fat from your own body. After the tumescent fluid is injected into the flanks, abdomen, or thighs, Dr. Markmann will gently suction about 1000 to 2000 ml of fat (1-2 Liters) from these areas. (4) After closing the tiny incision with surgical sutures under the skin, he will purify the harvested fat in a centrifuge so that he can inject it into the breasts. Dr Markmann prefers to inject the fat using a roller pump instead of syringes. The pump technique distributes much smaller droplets of fat throughout the breast, providing better fat survival percentages as well as better results due to less fat necrosis and lumps which are more common using the syringe technique. The fat is reinjected throughout the breast to enhance its volume and shape. Since this procedure takes your own tissue and redistributes it, the results feel incredibly natural. It is an ideal technique for women who do not have lax skin or descent of the breasts but want to increase their size. This technique is best for women who are looking for a relatively small increase in size.

Breast Implants 

Breast implants are versatile, durable, and safer than ever before. Aside from the specific size you’ll need to get the results you want, you will also be able to choose: 

  • Textured or smooth implants 
  • Round or teardrop-shaped 
  • Saline or silicone 
  • Implant placement- over the pectoralis muscle or underneath it
  • Projection/profile 

Under Dr. Markmann’s guidance, you will be able to make the best decision for yourself and your body’s dimensions.

Breast Size

One of womens biggest concerns about Breast Augmentation is what they will look like afterwards! How big will they be? Dr Markmann has a solution to that concern.

Dr Markmann has a solution to that! VECTRA 3D IMAGING.

Vectra imaging is a system that will take pictures of your breast from 6 different angles all at the same second. The computer will put them back together in a 3D image. The computer will perform a Breast Lift and/or Breast Augmentation for you to see on the computer screen right in front of you. Dr Markmann will show you what you will look like with a lift and/or implants. He will show you as many different size and different profile implant options that you would like to see. Then, you get to choose the size and appearance that you like. With VECTRA 3D, there are no more worries as to what you will look like when you wake up! You Choose!

Cost of a Breast Lift in Baltimore

At our practice, we believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. Following your consultation, you will receive a detailed breakdown of the cost associated with your breast lift. This estimate will factor in the surgical fees, anesthesia costs, facility fees, and any necessary post-operative care. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the financial aspects of your procedure, including alternative financing options ensuring that you feel confident and informed every step of the way

Get in touch with us by calling our office at (410) 465-3600 or scheduling through our online form.


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