Dr. Markmann Featured in GQ!

Baltimore’s most prominent plastic surgeon and body contouring specialist, Dr. Daniel Markmann, is proud to be featured in the monthly men’s magazine GQ. Ever keen to educate others about the latest plastic surgery techniques, Dr. Markmann sat down with journalist Jeff Wilser in March of this year to discuss the […]

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What Really Is Botox?

botox baltimore

Botox is a popular anti-aging injectable that smooths the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines. It is a neuromodulator that temporarily suppresses the facial muscle activity responsible for wrinkles and lines. [1] There are several neuromodulator agents like Botox including Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau. If you feel these pesky […]

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All About Vitamin C

vitamin c iv infusion elliot city

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant for achieving a brighter, younger complexion. From assisting in healing wounds to counteracting free radicals to bolstering our body’s immune system, Vitamin C plays a key role in our body’s day-to-day operations. Although it is vital to our health, Vitamin C is not synthesized […]

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Skin Care at Metamorphosis MediSpa

To give our Baltimore clientele genuine, long-lasting results, Dr. Daniel Markmann and his team of experts at Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery are proud to offer patients their suite of skin care products and procedures to help you achieve a smoother skin texture and younger appearance. To understand which skin care treatments […]

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Plastic Surgeons vs Cosmetic Surgeons

Most doctors who perform plastic surgery advertise. Unfortunately, not all surgeons that advertise “cosmetic surgery” are plastic surgeons! If an advertisement doesn’t say “plastic surgeon” then they probably are not! “Cosmetic Surgeon” does not necessarily mean plastic surgeon. If an advertisement says “cosmetic surgeon”, they might be a plastic surgeon […]

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A Warning About “Cosmetic” Surgeons

Be Very Cautious Where You Travel for Plastic Surgery! Miami Florida for example, has been in the news numerous times recently due to plastic surgery gone wrong. Surgery there is generally “cheap” compared to other areas of the Country. Florida and certain Caribbean destinations where surgery is also very cheap […]

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