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Many people who have undergone weight loss or pregnancy may experience loose skin, stubborn fat deposits, and stretch marks on the abdomen. Despite your best efforts, the redundant skin and fat simply will not go away or “bounce back.” 

Solutions to address your dissatisfaction may seem drastic or insufficient if you do not have excess skin around your waist and above the belly button. A Mini Tummy Tuck, or partial abdominoplasty, may be the body contouring solution for you. 

Dr. Daniel Markmann, MD is a Board-Certified plastic surgeon who has the expertise to help sculpt your lower abdomen. Let him help you reveal those hidden muscles or feminine curves without the recovery time and long scar of a full tummy tuck. 

About Mini Tummy Tuck in Baltimore

A Mini Tummy Tuck, or partial abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that is less extensive than a full tummy tuck. This procedure only addresses the lower abdomen. Loose, excess skin is removed and liposuction may be performed to remove reluctant fat. Mini Tummy Tuck tightens the area and removes the lower pooch resistant to diet and exercise. 

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Benefits of Mini Tummy Tuck

There are many benefits to a Mini Tummy Tuck. Patients report greater confidence, among a number of other benefits following their Mini Tummy Tuck. If you decide to undergo a partial abdominoplasty in Baltimore, you may expect similar benefits for yourself.

When compared to a traditional, or full tummy tuck, patients report the following benefits:

  • Minimized, well-hidden scar
  • Shorter downtime
  • Quicker recovery
  • Slimmer lower abdomen 
  • Enhanced confidence and self-esteem

If you are seeking a procedure to address lax skin and fat deposits just above the pubic region, a Mini Tummy Tuck may be right for you. Contact Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery today to schedule your private consultation with Dr. Markmann.


The ideal candidates for a Mini Tummy Tuck are men and women in good health, who are close to their ideal weight, and have relatively good skin tone on the abdomen. Also, patients are individuals who desire a flat, well-toned stomach. Individuals who undergo a Mini Tummy Tuck are nonsmokers and have realistic expectations for the partial abdominoplasty. 

If you are a candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck in Baltimore, call Dr. Markmann’s office at 410.465.3600 to book your consultation today

Personal Consultation

During a private, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Markmann, you will have the opportunity to discuss your Mini Tummy Tuck goals. Dr. Markman will address your questions with empathic listening and detailed answers. This appointment is protected time for you and Dr. Markmann to review your medical and health history. The Doctor will also perform a physical exam of your abdomen and determine your candidacy for a Mini Tummy Tuck. 

If Dr. Markman determines your goals may be better met with an alternative solution, he will provide his expert, medical opinion to provide you with optimal results. 

If you are a prime candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck, then a customized treatment plan will be created for you. Dr. Markmann’s helpful staff will provide a final price for your Mini Tummy Tuck based on your individualized procedure plan. 

Ready to learn more about Partial Abdominoplasty in Baltimore? Contact Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery today for your private consultation. 

Preparing for a Mini Tummy Tuck 

To prepare for your Mini Tummy Tuck, you may be directed to stop taking or reduce any blood-thinning medications. You may also be directed to stop smoking and drinking alcohol prior to and after your partial abdominoplasty. Dr. Markmann will instruct you to appoint a trusted adult to drive you home after surgery and remain with you for at least 24 hours post-op. You may be prescribed medications that you should fill prior to surgery day so they are easily accessible during recovery. Dr. Markmann will provide you with pre-operative instructions specific to your case to adequately prepare for your Mini Tummy Tuck during your pre-operative evaluation.

Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

On the day of surgery, you will meet with Dr. Markmann to review your treatment plan. He will ensure you are comfortable moving forward with surgery. Dr. Markmann will mark your lower belly using a surgical marker. This is to identify anatomical landmarks, incision locations, and areas of focus for liposuction, as needed. 

Upon being taken into the operating room of an accredited surgical facility, you will be given general anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Markmann will begin the surgery by performing liposuction, as needed, to remove any stubborn fat deposits. Afterward, he will make an incision only a few inches long on your lower abdomen which will be easily concealed by underwear or swimsuit bottoms. Excess, lax skin will be excised and the remaining tissue will be pulled taut and sutured closed, leaving you with a flatter, more toned stomach. 

Complementary Procedures

A Mini Tummy Tuck may be just enough to get the results you are looking for. But if you are looking to augment your Mini Tummy Tuck, Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery can provide the solution that will help you meet your goals

Abdominal Etching (Six Pack Abs)

Abdominal Etching can provide you with visualization of the abdominal muscles. Your hard work at the gym and with your diet can see new light with abdominal etching. You can flex your abs without trying too hard following this targeted liposuction procedure. Dr. Markmann will discuss the best time to undergo abdominal etching with your Mini Tummy Tuck. 


SculpSure is a non-invasive procedure that is FDA-cleared to eliminate fat in specific areas of the body. SculpSure can further contour your belly and love handles, giving you the shape you have worked for. A consultation with Dr. Markmann will inform you of how SculpSure can assist in realizing your body sculpting goals. 


Immediately following your Mini Tummy Tuck, your lower abdomen will feel tender. You may experience some discomfort as your body adjusts to your new contours. You may have a drain placed in the incision to remove any fluid buildup that may accumulate. Dr. Markmann will inform you of when to return to remove the drain. You may need to wear a compression garment to minimize swelling and aid in the healing process. Mini Tummy Tuck recovery typically requires less than a week off work.    After this time, you may progressively resume exercise and more strenuous activity as is tolerable. 

Mini Tummy Tuck Results

No longer forced to “suck it in,” patients love their Mini Tummy Tuck results! You may be among them and notice that your abdomen looks and feels more toned and fit. The results following a Mini Tummy Tuck are long-lasting! Barring any significant weight fluctuations from pregnancy or weight gain, your Mini Tummy Tuck results are here to stay! Giving you the toned look you’ve always wanted! 

Ready to see Mini Tummy Tuck results for yourself? Contact Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery today and one of Dr. Markmann’s staff members will help you schedule your private consultation.



For some patients, liposuction alone may be a possibility. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that only removes fat. It is a good choice for patients who have good skin tone and tight abdominal muscles. However, it will not benefit those who have sagging skin. When a patient comes to see Dr. Markmann for the first time, they will be encouraged to share their aesthetic goals and review the procedures that might help meet those goals. For some, even a little hanging skin may warrant a Mini Tummy Tuck.


Women who have had a C-section will typically have a scar that runs horizontally in the lower abdomen. During a Mini Tummy Tuck, an incision will be made below the C-section scar. Therefore, the old scar will be removed along with the excess skin.  Dr Markmann typically places the scar very low so that it can be easily hidden by most undergarments and bikini bottoms.


Abdominoplasty surgery should probably be delayed until after all pregnancies have been completed. The goal of a tummy tuck procedure, whether full or mini, is to tighten the abdominal wall and/or the overlying skin. Getting pregnant after a tummy tuck may reverse the surgical results but in no way does it have any affect on your pregnancy.   

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