Cheek Augmentation

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Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the cheeks by adding volume, contour, and definition. This procedure can improve the balance and symmetry of the face, create a more youthful appearance, and address concerns such as a flat or gaunt-looking face, signs of aging, or facial trauma. Cheek augmentation can be achieved through various methods, including injectable fillers, silicone implants, or fat transfer.

Dr. Daniel Markmann of Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery has extensive experience performing cheek augmentation procedures for patients looking to enhance the contour and definition of their cheeks. He takes a personalized approach to each patient, assessing their needs, goals, and facial anatomy before recommending the most appropriate technique and material. Patients appreciate Dr. Markmann’s approach to cheek augmentation resulting in the natural-looking definition that enhances, rather than detracts from, the features. He will work with you to ensure you love your results, taking the approach which best suits your goals and budget. Learn more by calling 410-465-3600 for a consultation appointment in Ellicott City, MD.

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Why Cheek Augmentation?

Well-defined and prominent cheekbones can create a more youthful and attractive appearance by adding contour and definition to the face. The placement and shape of the cheekbones also contribute to the overall symmetry of the face, which is an important factor in perceived attractiveness. The cheekbones can create a sense of harmony between the upper and lower parts of the face, which is aesthetically pleasing. Everybody wants incredible cheekbones, but you don’t have to be genetically blessed to get them!

As we age, the skin and soft tissues in our face lose volume and elasticity, which can result in a sunken or hollow appearance in the cheeks. Restoring the cheeks to their youthful curves can transform the face. Some patients who choose this procedure have flat or asymmetrical facial contours due to genetics or facial trauma, which can be a source of frustration or embarrassment.

Cheek augmentation can be achieved through various methods, including injectable fillers, silicone implants, or fat transfer. The choice of technique will depend on the patient’s needs, goals, anatomy, and Dr. Markmann’s recommendations. By restoring volume and contour to the cheeks, patients can achieve a more balanced and youthful look that enhances their natural beauty.

What are the Benefits of Cheek Augmentation?

In addition to creating beauty, enhancing the cheekbones can also have functional benefits. By adding volume and definition to the mid-face, cheek augmentation can help lift the lower face, reducing the appearance of sagging or jowling. This can result in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance for patients with signs of aging.

Cheek augmentation can be a particularly beneficial procedure for patients who have experienced facial trauma. Injuries to the face can often cause a loss of volume or asymmetry in the mid-face, which can affect the appearance and function of the face. Cheek augmentation can help restore volume and symmetry to the cheeks, improving the face’s aesthetics and functionality.

For example, patients who have suffered from a broken or fractured cheekbone may experience a loss of volume or asymmetry in the mid-face. Cheek augmentation can be used to restore volume and symmetry to the cheeks. Similarly, patients who have undergone surgery to remove a facial tumor or experienced facial paralysis may benefit from cheek augmentation to restore a more aesthetically pleasing look that boosts the patient’s confidence.

Candidates for Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation can benefit a wide range of individuals. The ideal candidates for this procedure are patients with weakened cheek structures or a lack of definition in the cheekbone area. This may be due to

  • Genetic factors
  • Weight loss
  • Aging

In addition to addressing the effects of aging, cheek augmentation can also benefit individuals with injuries that have resulted in a loss of cheek volume or structure, such as fractures or other facial injuries.

Personal Consultation

During the consultation, Dr. Markmann will discuss the patient’s history with fillers, ask questions if trauma was involved, and discuss the patient’s health. The patient should clearly know what they hope to achieve through cheek augmentation so that Dr. Markmann can develop a personalized treatment plan that meets their unique needs and goals.

In addition to discussing the patient’s goals and medical history, Dr. Markmann will use advanced imaging technology to evaluate the patient’s facial anatomy and structure. This will allow him to identify any areas of asymmetry or volume loss in the mid-face and develop a treatment plan that addresses these issues.

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The preparation for your treatment plan will include detailed information about how to prepare for your surgery or injections. Dr. Markmann and his team are available to answer questions as they arise. Call 410-465-3600 if we can help in any way.

The Procedure

Cheek augmentation is an outpatient procedure, meaning patients can go home the same day as the surgery. The surgical procedures are performed under anesthesia to ensure patient comfort and are typically completed within one hour.

There are two primary locations where cheek implants can be placed: the malar area, which is directly on the cheekbone, or the sub-malar area, which is below the cheekbone. The implants are typically inserted within the mouth and underneath the upper lip. The specific type, size, and shape of the implant will vary depending on the individual’s facial structure.

Silicone Implants

Facial augmentation using silicone implants is a highly popular and widely utilized procedure. [1] They offer a permanent solution for adding volume to the cheeks, with various shapes and sizes available to match the patient’s preferences and anatomy. Unlike the silicone gel used in breast implants, the silicone used for cheek augmentation is solid. This makes it a safer option, as there is no risk of leakage.

During the procedure, the silicone implant will be placed in a pocket created directly against the cheekbone and then sutured in place.

Porous Polyethylene Implants

Porous polyethylene is another popular implant option for cheek augmentation, and it is inserted in the same manner as a silicone implant. The porous nature of this material allows it to naturally conform to the internal contours of the cheek, resulting in a  natural-looking appearance. Additionally, the implant attaches better to the bones and tissues; over time, tissue growth can further integrate the implant into the cheek’s natural form. [2]

One potential disadvantage of this type of implant is that its integration with the surrounding tissues can make it difficult to remove should the patient decide they no longer want the implant.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body often found in connective tissue. [3] It can be processed into an injectable filler for various medical purposes, including cosmetic procedures. Compared to other methods, hyaluronic acid injection is the least invasive procedure. During the treatment, the filler is injected into deep layers within the mid-face area, resulting in a fuller and more youthful appearance.

Fat Grafting

The patient’s fat tissue can also enhance volume in the mid-face through injection. This procedure involves harvesting fat tissue from donor sites using liposuction, which is then processed and reinjected into the cheeks to create a fuller, more youthful appearance.

The Results

Hyaluronic acid fillers can produce beautiful, natural-looking results. Most fillers will last approximately 12 to 18 months before the effects wear off. Repeat injections are required to maintain the desired level of volume and contouring.

However, Dr Markmann recommends trying a filler that will go away over a year or more and if you like the results, replace it as it goes away with a permanent filler. There is one filler that is permanent. It is like a permanent, injectable implant. It is called Radiesse. It is injected right on bone, so you will never feel it or know it is there aside from the fact that it will make you look better and younger than before.   

Fat injection can offer longer-lasting results compared to other filler options. The longevity of the results will depend on various factors, such as the amount of fat injected and the individual patient’s metabolism.

By balancing and strengthening the contours of the cheeks, the face can appear more youthful, symmetrical, and balanced. This can also result in a lifting effect on the lower face and a reduction in a gaunt or sunken appearance. The procedure can restore patients’ confidence and help them feel more comfortable and satisfied with their appearance.

What is the Cost of Cheek Augmentation in Baltimore?

Dr. Markmann includes the cost in the consultation discussion. The cost will depend on the treatment chosen.  If filler is the chosen option, which is the most common, the cost will depend on how much filler it takes to give you the natural and beautiful cheeks you have dreamed of!

And, don’t worry, Dr Markmann and his staff pride themselves on providing the most beautiful and NOT Overdone results!   Nothing is worse than people who have that horrible, overdone appearance that you can pick out in any crowd!

He looks forward to meeting you and helping you enjoy your gorgeous cheekbones for a long time! Call 410-465-3600 today.


Which is better for cheek augmentation: implants or dermal filler?

Generally, both have long-standing records when it comes to safety. The major concern that many patients have is how permanent the results are. Injectable fillers are mostly temporary; as these are manufactured from natural substances, the body absorbs a great volume of the filler. This is of course aside from the one permanent filler option. Silicone implants are made solid in this type of augmentation and have no risk of leakage, which renders them more permanent than the other materials.

Will my cheek augmentation results be natural-looking?

Initially, the face will feel stretched and tight as the implants settle into their position. This is normal, and the sensation will gradually disappear until a month passes. It is important to find a plastic surgeon like Dr. Markmann with a good track record in facial procedures to ensure that the results will be according to the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Will there be scarring after my cheek implant surgery?

Since the incisions are made within the mouth and underneath the upper lip, the scars will not be visible.


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