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Buttock Injections

For women who are unhappy with having a flat backside, there are cosmetic enhancement options that can help remedy the problem. One of the safest, most popular procedures is buttock injections. At the office of Daniel P. Markmann, M.D., countless patients have experienced satisfactory results after receiving fat injections in the buttocks. Women who were dissatisfied with their lack of shape can now enjoy having a more feminine figure as a result of this procedure.

How are Buttock Injections Administered?

Today, people are continuing to show interest in the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure; it was developed about a decade ago. Patients can safely, beautifully enhance their backside by having fat removed from one area of the body and transferred to another. There is little risk of allergy or adverse reaction with the autologous fat transfer procedure, because the patient’s own body fat is used.

At the office of our Maryland buttock injections expert, Dr. Markmann begins the procedure with liposuction to harvest the fat for transfer. The fat may be extracted from an area around the buttocks, or if more fat is located on the abdomen, it may be extracted from that location. Next, the fat is processed and purified. Finally, it is re-injected into the target area – the buttocks. Multiple injections may be required to attain your ideal result.

Often, Dr. Markmann finds that patients have numerous questions regarding buttock injections; they range from “How much do buttock fat injections cost?” to “Can I choose silicone buttock injections or Hydrogel buttock injections instead?” In order to address each of these inquiries, our Baltimore buttock injections doctor invites you to schedule an initial consultation. Contact Metamorphosis Plastic Surgery today to request this appointment with Dr. Markmann.

Our Maryland buttock injections surgeon can be reached at (410) 465-3600, or by filling out our quick contact form.