Ultrasonic Fat Removal


Stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise can be frustrating for many individuals. Eating right and working out everyday is sometimes not enough to achieve the slim shape one desires. Because surgery simply is not a desired option for many patients, Baltimore plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Markmann, now offers a noninvasive, effective solution for fat removal. UltraShape is a new FDA approved fat removal treatment for the abdomen, hips and flanks. Known as an "abdominal circumference reduction", this ultrasonic fat removal technology works by mechanically disrupting the fat cells, and destroying them so that they no longer exist.


UltraShape uses a unique energy that is directed to the exact area where fat is to be removed. The ultrasound energy attacks the subcutaneous fat at a controlled depth. Using a hand-held ultrasonic device, the energy beams are distributed using bursts that target the fat cells and tissue without disrupting internal nerves, muscles or vital vessels. Similar to how fat cells react to a natural weight loss, once the fat cells are destroyed with UltraShape, they are naturally processed by the liver and the body's metabolic pathways.



UltraShape was approved by the FDA in 2014 and was proven to be safe and effective for the cosmetic use of fat removal. Each treatment is completely customized per patient and is considered noninvasive, meaning, there is no surgical incision made and no scarring. Following treatment, patients typically see measureable results within 2-3 weeks. According to Syneron, the manufacturers of UltraShape, after numerous clinical studies it was proven that 96% of patients experienced measurable results and that 94% of patients were happy with the outcome of their treatment.


Similar to any method of weight loss or other liposuction treatment, once fat cells are permanently destroyed and removed, they do not return. However, patients must still adhere to a healthy diet and exercise program to continue to see lasting results. Remaining fat cells still have the potential to grow, causing a new weight gain. UltraShape patients that follow a healthy lifestyle will enjoy their slimming results for years.


Fat removal methods have come a long way in recent years. While traditional liposuction is still widely used and very popular, there are other noninvasive methods that can be considered. In addition to UltraShape, CoolSculpting is also a popular laser liposuction technique offered by Baltimore area plastic surgeons. To learn the differences between UltraShape and CoolSculpting, click here



Please visit our UltraShape Documents page to learn and discover more about Ultrashape including a patient brochure, frequently asked questions, a description of how UltraShape works, a nutritional guide and findings from clinical studies.

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